Chaotic Good Gnome Summoner, almost never seen without his outsider companion, Capt. Sparkles.


Guidsmar Silvernose grew weary of his humble, prank-style life at home. With a couple sticks of butter, half a dozen cheesecakes, and his best friend, an greatsword-wielding biped outsider named Capt. Sparkles, Guidsmar set out on the road to take in all the decadent delights the realm had to offer.

Along the way, Guidsmar and Capt. Sparkles met up with a group of other adventurers and found himself roped into their quest to save the Autarch and prevent Hellstrike from falling into chaos, claiming it sounded like “fun”. While in Hellstrike, Guidsmar charmed his way into the social elite and gained membership into the mages guild to help them craft tools and weapons to defend Hellstrike. As a reward Guidsmar was named baron of Drunksmede, a region known for producing fine wines for much of the area.

Upon Guidsmar’s first arrival to Drunksmede, he quickly proclaimed a week of celebration in honor of saving Hellstrike and his new baronship, calling it “Guidsmar-di-gras”. Not satisfied with just a week of partying, Guidsmar called upon the best bakers and winemakers in the region and converted the center of Drunksmede into a destination resort where non-nobles can enjoy the sweeter luxuries of life, and nobles can experience all of that along with premier amenities. With Drunksmede providing Guidsmar much of his favorite cakes and wine at his desire and his adventuring group providing him all the excitement he needs, Guidsmar reinvests much of the barony’s profits back into Drunksmede by having short work weeks. Much of Drunksmede’s management is taken care of by his trusted Elf assistant, Serinae, while Guidsmar is away.


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