Family Reunion

The mysterious baby is returned to his father

The party fights in the arena to amuse Andura and pay for the trip to Drain on the Flotsam. However, Lorune deals a death blow to the brine dragon that they face, despite being explicitly told that this is not to be a fight to the death. Andura withholds the prize for the match in payment for her dragon, and insists that payment has not been made. Elendria Sage and Kazuhiko Sagara volunteer to fight in the arena without their more bloodthirsty companions, and Andura agrees. Wink Starfish throws vegetables during the battle and generally mouths off until one of Andura’s guards smacks him. He then grabs the guard and tumbles into the arena. At this point, they are surrounded by guards.

Fortunately, Andura is amused. She considers this payment for the trip and sends the party back to Mossport. While there, Wink Starfish finds the six-legged cat and manages to capture it. The party questions the woman that they found in Drain, and discover that the seaweed that she has eaten is what prevented her from becoming a grippli like the rest of the townsfolk.

The party returns the mysterious baby to Ayaki and are rewarded by Magnar. They then return to Mossport, where they’re greeted by an emmissary from Exarch Gerrold. The Exarch tells them he’d like them to capture a bandit on the road to Hellstrike, Taro, and bring him—alive—to Hellstrike.

First, however, the party must reverse Wink Starfish’s transformation into a grippli and put an end to the purple mist. Andura wants them to retrieve treasure from an abandoned funeral barge, on which they find several odd gold items, a rabbit figurine, and an amulet.


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