A Death in the Family

Lorune Bites It

While standing in the mist, the party notices movement in the bushes. It turns out to be a refugee from Everhome named Durgan. Durgan tells them that Everhome has been overrun by grippli, and that there’s still a besieged survivor. They go to Everhome and kill off grippli that are assaulting the local church. The man inside, Anothin, has barricaded himself into the church. Upon the death of the grippli, he retrieves 500gp from the nearby latrine. He tells them he’s going to Mossport to start a new life.

The party also returns to Mossport, where they run into the skinny man walking the dog. He’s irate, but Lorune calms him down. He tells them that the best way to get to Drain, where the mist seems to be emanating, is probably by boat. The old man with the birds seems to be eavesdropping, so the party confronts him. He tells the party he has a trinket that can help them, a pair of spectacles that can see through the mist.

Thus armed, the party returns to the mist, eventually making their way to Drain. On the way, they notice their skin turning clammy and greenish. Lorune sneaks into the tower in the center of town. She manages to sweet-talk his way past the guards and a female half-orc downstairs. She finds two men upstairs wearing robes. One is reading from a book in a strange, guttural language and while he reads, the mist boils from the ink.

Lorune defeats the apparent wizard who is not reading, a man named Lucien, who disappears. The reader reveals himself to be Joran, Ambrenna’s lost love. However, Lorune is in turn killed by the female half-orc, who is in turn killed by Joran. The mist seems to have stopped increasing, but does not visibly clear.

Joran makes his way out of the tower with the tome, Lucien’s loot and Lorune’s finger. He and Wink Starfish return to Mossport to resurrect Lorune, which Ambrenna does for free.


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