A Prophecy Unfulfilled

After the recent death of the Autarch, Celidor was in turmoil. The wizards of Hellstrike and clergy of the Council have not yet divined the meaning of the cryptic prophecy that will identify the next Autarch. They had lost the scrying bowl that allowed them to foresee their ruler.

The last time an Autarch went unnamed, crops failed, disease ran rampant and a plague of beetles infested the land. The one time an Autarch was named incorrectly, the old capital was swallowed whole by an earthquake. The wizards and clergy must be quick, and they must be sure.

This time, however, the realm was saved before catastrophe struck. The party retrieved a missing scrying bowl instrumental to the naming of the new Autarch, brought the Autarch from the plane of fire and became barons along the way.

House Rules

Don’t let the cats out.
Skill points may be banked until a later level is reached.