First Encounters

The party was shanghaiied by pirates in a distant land, and were dropped off at Mossport in Celidor. Mossport is near the Lyrene Islands, the pirates’ home base.

The first thing that the party sees is an argument between a fat man and a skinny man over a dog. The dog has a fresh red scar around its neck, where the head of a large black dog seems to have been grafted onto the body of a smaller yellow dog. Refusing to sell the beast, the men agree to pay the party 500 gp to retrieve the other half of their dogs—alive—and to find out who would commit such a bizarre crime.

They also notice a man selling small songbirds.

The party visits a huge cheese emporium where they purchase a couple of rounds of the famous Beltain soft cheese from the proprietor, Haskin. They learn of a recent miracle where a baby was born of a split tree on the fires of the charcoal burners’ pit. They decide to visit, but are attacked by grippli (frog people) along the way. The grippli are also looking for the baby.

Back in Mossport, the party is healed by a friendly cleric of Sehanine, Ambrenna looking for her lost boyfriend, Joran. Joran used to send messages once a month, but hasn’t been heard from in the last three months. Joran is a professor at Hellstrike, the wizards’ college.

The party pays to see the mysterious baby and is shuffled into a crowd, which they promptly rob of great deals of money. They convince Berek, the leader of the charcoal burners, to take them to the pit where the baby was born. Investigating the tree, the party discovers that the charcoal burners have killed a pregnant dryad. The child did not burn in the flames because its father was an azer (think fire dwarf). They also discover the location where the tree was taken and consult with Melthanie, a dryad there. She tells them the azer’s name is Ayaki, and shows them where the azer live, in the hills about a week’s journey away.

The party manages to kill most of the charcoal burners in a fit of rage. They are currently at the fire pit near the charcoal burners’ encampment, surrounded by five corpses.

Zombies and a Kidnapping

The party leaves the charcoal burner’s camp to find Ayaki, the father of the mysterious baby. On the way, they encounter a band of grippli whom they allow to pass on the road.

They reach the azer encampent to find an efreeti, Magnar, in charge. He asks them to clean up his zombie problem in his mine in exchange for an audience with Ayaki. The party wipes out the zombies, finding a large gold nugget and a wand. They are rewarded with their audience, as well as the aegis of recovery.

Ayaki tells the party that he was seduced in a dream, then followed the moon to the dryad mother. His fires went out in the moonlight, and they were able to consummate their relationship. Satisfied, the party agrees to help return the mysterious baby to its father at Magnar’s request.

They find the charcoal burner’s camp burnt and abandoned on return. It appears that the mysterious baby has been kidnapped by the group of grippli that passed them on the road. They track the grippli into the swamps until they notice an unnatural purple mist swirling around their ankles.

A Death in the Family
Lorune Bites It

While standing in the mist, the party notices movement in the bushes. It turns out to be a refugee from Everhome named Durgan. Durgan tells them that Everhome has been overrun by grippli, and that there’s still a besieged survivor. They go to Everhome and kill off grippli that are assaulting the local church. The man inside, Anothin, has barricaded himself into the church. Upon the death of the grippli, he retrieves 500gp from the nearby latrine. He tells them he’s going to Mossport to start a new life.

The party also returns to Mossport, where they run into the skinny man walking the dog. He’s irate, but Lorune calms him down. He tells them that the best way to get to Drain, where the mist seems to be emanating, is probably by boat. The old man with the birds seems to be eavesdropping, so the party confronts him. He tells the party he has a trinket that can help them, a pair of spectacles that can see through the mist.

Thus armed, the party returns to the mist, eventually making their way to Drain. On the way, they notice their skin turning clammy and greenish. Lorune sneaks into the tower in the center of town. She manages to sweet-talk his way past the guards and a female half-orc downstairs. She finds two men upstairs wearing robes. One is reading from a book in a strange, guttural language and while he reads, the mist boils from the ink.

Lorune defeats the apparent wizard who is not reading, a man named Lucien, who disappears. The reader reveals himself to be Joran, Ambrenna’s lost love. However, Lorune is in turn killed by the female half-orc, who is in turn killed by Joran. The mist seems to have stopped increasing, but does not visibly clear.

Joran makes his way out of the tower with the tome, Lucien’s loot and Lorune’s finger. He and Wink Starfish return to Mossport to resurrect Lorune, which Ambrenna does for free.

A Daring Rescue
To Drain and Back Again

The party ventures to an inn, where they see a nervous man, a man fighting an invisible enemy that everyone seems to be ignoring, a group of poker players, and a group of pirates. The next morning, they follow a six-legged cat to a building on the outskirts of town. They go to the front door, where they are attacked when asking questions about the cat. The nervous man is inside. They dispatch the thug who attacked them and the nervous man’s master, Zidar, while letting the cowardly nervous man go free.

In the complex, they find the second half of the frankendogs and a drugged man with no arms. Further in the complex, they find a corpse with four arms. They return the dog to its owners, and bring the armless man to Ambrenna and Joran.

While there, Joran informs the party that he knows what’s going on with the purple mist. The mist is the atmosphere that Dagon needs to breathe. It’s the first step in his resurrection. The next step is a sacrifice, which must be stopped. Finally, to remove the mist entirely, the party must find a willing sacrifice.

Knowing that it will take less than half the time to get there by boat, the party approaches a dockhand. He informs them that the only people willing to take a ship to Drain will be the pirates. The Flotsam, a pirate ship, is in port and Bilgewater Whistler, the captain, is willing to take them to his boss Andura on Lyr to make their case.

Andura really wants them to fight in their arena, but concedes that their current mission takes precedence. She allows them the use of the Flotsam and its crew. On the way north, the party runs across a funeral barge with treasure heaped on the deck, but wisely decide to steer clear.

In Drain, the party finds a woman and the mysterious baby in a jail next to a shrine. They quickly dispatch the guards, but attract more attention from the nearby buildings. They battle a cleric of Dagon in the street, then run back to the ship. The woman is hysterical, but they get that she was being force-fed some sort of seaweed during her captivity.

The Flotsam returns them to Lyr, where they must discuss payment for the trip with Andura.

Family Reunion
The mysterious baby is returned to his father

The party fights in the arena to amuse Andura and pay for the trip to Drain on the Flotsam. However, Lorune deals a death blow to the brine dragon that they face, despite being explicitly told that this is not to be a fight to the death. Andura withholds the prize for the match in payment for her dragon, and insists that payment has not been made. Elendria Sage and Kazuhiko Sagara volunteer to fight in the arena without their more bloodthirsty companions, and Andura agrees. Wink Starfish throws vegetables during the battle and generally mouths off until one of Andura’s guards smacks him. He then grabs the guard and tumbles into the arena. At this point, they are surrounded by guards.

Fortunately, Andura is amused. She considers this payment for the trip and sends the party back to Mossport. While there, Wink Starfish finds the six-legged cat and manages to capture it. The party questions the woman that they found in Drain, and discover that the seaweed that she has eaten is what prevented her from becoming a grippli like the rest of the townsfolk.

The party returns the mysterious baby to Ayaki and are rewarded by Magnar. They then return to Mossport, where they’re greeted by an emmissary from Exarch Gerrold. The Exarch tells them he’d like them to capture a bandit on the road to Hellstrike, Taro, and bring him—alive—to Hellstrike.

First, however, the party must reverse Wink Starfish’s transformation into a grippli and put an end to the purple mist. Andura wants them to retrieve treasure from an abandoned funeral barge, on which they find several odd gold items, a rabbit figurine, and an amulet.


Despite some swimming mishaps, the party manages to acquire some of the seaweed that will return Wink Starfish’s humanity. The party continues to Drain, where they are joined by a monk pirate from the Flotsam. They descend upon Drain to find it guarded by orcs. The orcs are destroyed, and the party finds the shrine abandoned. They continue to the tower, where they are jumped by Lucien, who is quickly dispatched. They also find a kennel of slurks and take a few as mounts. Finally, they discover the armory full of mundane gear.

The grippli return to the city and don’t appear to be hostile. The party retrieves a shipload of the seaweed for them, then returns to Andura, where they give her all of the materials from the funeral barge, except for the amulet and the rabbit figurine.

Back in Mossport, Wink arranges for Thinfingers the jeweler to make armor for his six-legged cat. Then, at Gryphon the enchanter’s, a visiting inquisitor from Hellstrike named Endoric snubs them and is given a shoulder check. A fight breaks out, Endoric is reduced to unconsciousness, but Gryphon and the guards outside are less than pleased. The party (barely) manages to talk their way out of some time in jail, and Endoric is left in the drunk tank to cool off.

Entering Hellstrike

The party disguises themselves as a caravan, encountering and subduing Taro. Further down the road, they encounter a tinker whose horse has run off. They find the horse, but return to find the tinker trapped in his wagon while a young black dragon attacks it.

The party kills the dragon and convinces the tinker to stuff it for them. Elendria Sage takes a bone to be turned into a bow. They deliver Taro to Hellstrike, where they discover that Endoric is not actually a member of Hellstrike at all.

In the alleys of town, Elendria notices that they are being followed and they set up an ambush. Upon killing the followers, they discover that they are each wearing a symbol of Bahamut under their outer cloaks.

Lorune asks around town and discovers that everyone hates a particular exarch. He’s been raising taxes, forcing people into bankruptcy, while enjoying a lavish life of his own.

To Bloodrise

Baron Goris is killed by Lorune, who leaves a badge of Bahamut at the scene. Wink Starfish is arrested, apparently for the diversion created while Lorune commits murder. However, it seems the town guards want to question Wink about the deaths of some clerics of Bahamut whose badges were removed from their cloaks. Guidsmar successfully distracts the town guards and the party leaves just as one of Goris’s bodyguards comes running to spread the alarm.

The party makes haste to the inn, where they are met by a representative of Hellstrike who tells them that their assistance is requested. At Hellstrike, Fallon tells them that Hellstrike and the Council can’t find the new autarch without the world’s eye, the scrying bowl that divines the next autarch. Without the autarch, the land will fester and die.

Elendria shares a dream of the massive earthquake that swallowed the previous capitol hundreds of years ago. This happened because a false autarch was appointed. Before they leave, she has another vision of a tidal wave with a face in it that wipes out the entire western seaboard. Iretu thinks the vision is of the future.

Hellstrike is informed of the party’s brush with the law, and offers to do what they can despite not having civil authority. Fallon offers them lands and titles in exchange for their services.

The party continues to Bloodrise, where the cult of Vecna responsible for the theft is holed up. This was discovered by Hellstrike when interviewing Taro. Once there, the party makes a frontal assault, killing Dorcas and Melina, the women who stole the scrying bowl.

Saving the Realm

While fighting the cult of Vecna at Bloodrise, the party discovers Endoric cowering near the jails. They kill him and release the prisoners: sorcerers and clerics who Endoric has rounded up to help divine the new autarch through the scrying bowl. Wink Starfish keeps Endoric’s head.

The party also finds the scrying bowl, which they bring back to Hellstrike. In town, Elendria Sage sees the face in the tidal wave from her dream. The party tries to approach the gentleman, who is dressed in finery and surrounded by guards, at a haberdashery. They are rebuffed. They discover that he is Varin Aznivoorian, the son of the most powerful exarch in Celidor, Sarkus Aznivoorian. Sarkus is known to be cunning and ruthless, and is probably trying to put Varin on the autarch’s throne despite the risk of devastation. There are few rumors about Varin himself.

At Hellstrike, the party is awarded with lands and titles, each being declared a baron except for Wink Starfish, who requested armor and a weapon instead. They have Hellstrike arrange a brief lunch with the other barons who are currently in town, and they manage to get an invitation to a coming out ball where they know Varin will be, and probably his father.

The morning of the ball, Hellstrike sends word that the autarch has been hazily identified, but doesn’t appear to be on this plane. The party quickly identifies the baby as the mysterious baby from their earlier adventures. Elendria Sage facepalms.

The Ball
Making Friends and Enemies

While at the ball, the party meets both the exarchs to whom they owe fealty as well as the other barons from whose lands the party’s fiefdoms have been carved.

Drunkmede was carved from Zinnia‘s land. The exarch is Nestor.
Eridell was carved from Modoc’s land. The exarch is Leothan.
Deepviolet was carved from Zinnia‘s land as well. The exarch is also Nestor.
Blackshore was carved from Grevin’s land, but he gave it up willingly. The exarch is Mira.

The party does well at the ball. Elendria Sage gains Varin’s attention. Guidsmar impresses the ladies with elaborate cakes. Kazuhiko Sagara approaches Modoc to make amends, but is severely rebuffed. However, later, he becomes decent friends with Leothan.

After Elendria Sage goes on a date with Varin, they determine that Sarkus is the real threat. So they kills him.

They then proceed to the azer camp to retrieve the mysterious baby. They find the camp deserted, but the six-legged cat opens a portal to the plane of fire. The party cruises through and finds a fire giant that wants them to clear out the wets and windies from his home. The party defeats the elementals there and the giant tells them where to find Magnar and the azer.


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