Entering Hell

Elendria seeks out Varin in Hellstrike, then the party summons the Gods of Butchers and Mice. The immortals are reluctant to go into battle on their own, but request further assistance. While in Deepviolet, Elendria had heard of devastation being wrought in Drunkmede that sounded like it could be the work of the huntsmen from hell. She determines that these rowdies, Balan’s Huntsmen, are not in the realm to fight Lilith despite despising her; they are focused on the hunt. They appear to be after an enormous roc. Guidsmar sends a message to his steward to contact these huntsmen and request their assistance. The huntsmen refuse to abandon the hunt, but agree to a meeting at their camp.

At the meeting, the huntsmen agree to assist the party in exchange for a canine tooth from each known member: Kaz, Elendria and Guidsmar. Eventually, Guidsmar is convinced to comply and the party reaches an agreement with the huntsmen. As soon as the roc is dead, they will leave for Hellstrike.

When they make it back to Hellstrike, the siege immediately explodes into a battlefield. The huntsmen tear into the lilins while Balan himself, along with the Butcher God and Mouse God, go for Lilith. Her eyes are eaten out by the God of Mice, and she retreats toward the portal.

Balan’s huntsmen agree to accompany the party back through the portal, where they are escorted through another tumultous battle relatively uneventfully. Once past the fight, they run into a pair of lovers sewn back to back, in hell because they killed her betrothed to be together. The paladin shows them the way of Pelor, and they ascend out of hell.

The next unfortunate they see is a wailing man whose flayed sinews are being played like a violin by a devil with a sagging, dead face strapped across his own. The paladin attackes, and the devil is defeated. The suffering man refused to see the light of Pelor, and was abandoned to his punishment.

More Lilins

The party returns from Mossport to Hellstrike, encountering some Lilin scouts along the way. Elendria picks up her elephant from Deepviolet.

Under Siege

The party races ahead to Hellstrike, where they see a plume of blue magic erupting from the castle and cascading over the city like a giant jellyfish. Hellstrike, The Council, and the Autarch are chanting in the castle, preparing the enormous shield that is engulfing the town. They discover from Ayaki that only another immortal can defeat Lilith, and that the city can withstand a siege of approximately six months.

They discover the whereabouts of many immortals. The six-legged cat brings them the god of mice, who wants a lifetime supply of cheese from Mossport, which is obtained. They also perform a bloody sacrifice to meet with the god of butchers, who insists that they fight clones of themselves. Only one group will leave the killing ground alive, and they’ll never know if they were the originals or the clones. Accomplished.

They are also contacted by Basileus, a disturbing god looking for fifty worshippers. They hear of the whereabouts of an Asura and a Raksasha, also immortals. They also hear that Lilith has enemies even in hell.


The party rushes upstairs to find the beautiful woman has escaped on a summoned mount. They follow her back to the castle, where she diverges to catch up with a massive caravan that has exploded from the portal. She is pursued, and the party fights a group of red-skinned women with bat wings—Lilith’s lilin who are completely devoted to her. Lilith is off to overthrow the autarch.

Severely outmatched by the caravan guards, the party decides to take a quicker route to the capitol through the woods.


Kyle Songysmith, Celidor’s most renowned bard, arrives at Zinnia’s castle on his regular route throughout the autarchy. His comedic antics snap Zinnia out of her despondency, and she tells the party that the portal can only be closed with a key that is currently on the other side of the portal. She doesn’t know where it is, but a familiar mechanical bird lands on Lorune’s shoulder and whispers that it knows the way.

Suddenly, the tall, beautiful woman from the rabble storms the castle gates with some lackeys. The lackeys are each wearing a golden arm band. Kyle recognizes that the band will allow the woman to transfer any of her wounds onto a wearer of the band.

This attack is quickly deflected, and the party races after the woman as she flees into the crowd. She arrives at a grand hotel, surrounded by much more impressive lackeys, each wearing the golden arm band. Some tousling ensues, and Nestor rides up with his guards. The lackeys fall back into the hotel, which is breached when the party arrives in disguise through a secret door. The lackeys surrender to the guard, and silence descends from the floor above where the beautiful woman waits.

From the Gates of Hell

The adventurers are unable to open the portal, so Guidsmar and Arthur head back to ask Nestor to arrange for magicians and clerics to come. Not long after they leave, Elendria hears a horn from beyond the portal. A ragged man on a horse with flaming hooves leaps through the portal and bowls past the party.

While the party is distracted, the incubus and fake Zinnia reappear from the portal. The fake Zinnia morphs into a beast with huge crab claws and armored flesh. She is killed, then the incubus. At the incubus’ death, the real Zinnia screeches from a back room of the castle. She meets the party in the hallway and screams for the guards, destroyed that they’ve killed her beloved.

The party attempts to subdue Zinnia, but are interrupted by guards. Lorune continues to attack Zinnia, and the guards fall upon her. Wounded, Lorune surrenders and they arrest her. Elendria Sage and Kazuhiko Sagara are allowed access to the castle, but with escort, and they are ordered not to leave.

That night, a bird of feather, leather, gems and clockwork appears in Lorune’s cell. Lorune recognizes it as one of the birds that the old man was selling back in Mossport. It tells him that he’s free, then opens the lock with a mechanical extension from its beak. As it flies away past the guard, he falls into a deep slumber. Lorune escapes from the castle.

The next morning, Kazuhiko and Elendria are awakened by a loud banging at their doors. The guards are enraged that Lorune has escaped and insist upon searching the rooms. Nestor suddenly appears and tells the guards that the party is with him. Taking Kaz and Elendria aside, he reveals himself to be Lorune in disguise.

The horn heard earlier reverberates across the landscape as the ragged horseman rides into town. The horseman backs away at the appearance of guards and the party at the front door to the castle, but a sound like an army erupting from the portal reverberates through the door at their backs. Kaz recognizes the doglike creatures plowing through the portal as huntsmen that will surely crush the party in a head-on fight. They sneak away, and the huntsmen charge through the town and out after the hornblower.

The party goes around the side of the castle to rescue Zinnia, then, creeping through the halls, discovers them abandoned but for corpses.

A New Threat
Hell Is Around the Corner

Guidsmar sits in his castle, listening to tedious petitions from his subjects. Among them is a young fighter seeking revenge for the death of his father, a blacksmith. The killer obliterated the entire town. The fighter, Arthur, joins the party hoping that he will stumble across further clues in his quest to bring the killer to justice. Another man, from the wild edge of the barony, complains of a giant bird that’s eating his cattle. An old woman is upset that her neighbor’s albino chimera is digging through her garden.

The other barons arrive, and go to the old woman’s house to deal with the chimera. The beast is subdued and brought into the forests to the east. On the way back to town, they rub into a poacher riding an elephant. The poacher is dispatched and the elephant is taken to Deepviolet for training.

When the party returns to Drunkmede, there’s a note from Nestor urging them to visit immediately as he has need of their valor and discretion.

Zinnia is in Nestor’s dungeon. She’s under the sway of an incubus. Messengers and scouts do not return from Vanelle, her barony, but ravens do. Lorune disguises herself as the incubus and convinces Zinnia to bring her back to the portal to hell that Zinnia opened at the incubus’ request. The party follows at a distance.

Zinnia goes straight to Vanelle and into the castle. The true incubus and a fake Zinnia await them. They’ve been running the barony in Zinnia’s absence. During the ensuing fight, both the incubus and the fake Zinnia escape.

The guards, who had fled during the fight, return with an angry mob. One exceptionally tall, beautiful woman stands out from the crowd. Zinnia calms them all and they disperse.

A New Beginning
The Loyal Servants

A new party is formed in Celidor, made of lackeys of the new barons and the Council. The companions:
Mano, a tiefling gunslinger working for Elendria Sage.
Nero, a spellcaster working for Lorune.
Guidoko, a halfling rogue working for Guidsmar.
Desdemona, a human cleric from the Council.
Redguard, a tiefling fighter from the Council, sent primarily to keep an eye on Desdemona.

The party meets at the Inn of the Flowering Tree in Deepviolet. A miracle birth is happening upstairs, but they stay focused on their mission: Discover the identity and motives of the followers of Bahamut that attacked the new barons in Hellstrike.

They decide to head to the scene of the crime and travel right away to Hellstrike. They’re stopped at the city gates, and half the party manages to slither through while the other half argues with the guards. Eventually, Nero heals Rudolpho of syphilis thereby gaining the approval of the guard captain.

The party makes its way to the shitty part of town and decide to stay at the Floating Turd. Mano, who has been ordered by Elendria to follow Desdemona’s lead, agrees to meet with her at the temple of Bahamut. Mano takes to the rooftops and spies over the city. Desdemona heads to a gay bar and lip syncs an amazing number. In the disturbance this creates, Guidoko accidentally pickpockets a bugbear with a hole in his pocket.

They eventually make it to the temple of Bahamut, where Redguard gives away their knowledge that a group of their followers are missing.

The Autarch Restored

The wary adventurers get a flower for Magnar that he wants for his fiancee, fighting an enormous flytrap on the way. They retrieve the mysterious baby and Ayaki and return them to the Prime. Upon ascension to the throne, the Autarch ages to manhood and a great light opens into the sky.

The Ball
Making Friends and Enemies

While at the ball, the party meets both the exarchs to whom they owe fealty as well as the other barons from whose lands the party’s fiefdoms have been carved.

Drunkmede was carved from Zinnia‘s land. The exarch is Nestor.
Eridell was carved from Modoc’s land. The exarch is Leothan.
Deepviolet was carved from Zinnia‘s land as well. The exarch is also Nestor.
Blackshore was carved from Grevin’s land, but he gave it up willingly. The exarch is Mira.

The party does well at the ball. Elendria Sage gains Varin’s attention. Guidsmar impresses the ladies with elaborate cakes. Kazuhiko Sagara approaches Modoc to make amends, but is severely rebuffed. However, later, he becomes decent friends with Leothan.

After Elendria Sage goes on a date with Varin, they determine that Sarkus is the real threat. So they kills him.

They then proceed to the azer camp to retrieve the mysterious baby. They find the camp deserted, but the six-legged cat opens a portal to the plane of fire. The party cruises through and finds a fire giant that wants them to clear out the wets and windies from his home. The party defeats the elementals there and the giant tells them where to find Magnar and the azer.


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