Purple-Lensed Spectacles


Glasses that can see through the purple mist growing near Mossport.


A dozen of these were sold to Guidsmar by The Old Man in Mossport after Guidsmar was lured to him by The Mechanical Bird.

While the adventuring party was sailing towards a magical tome marked on a Map that both Guidsmar and Kyle had, they found themselves sailing through very dense mist. While sailing through the mist, the spectacles began to glow. As the party was blinded by the thickness of the mist, Guidsmar silently equipped the spectacles onto Capt. Sparkles. Once equipped, Capt Sparkles and Guidsmar were able to see through the mist. After verifying to ill effect, Guidsmar handed out 4 others to Kaz, Elendria, Xena, and Mr. Buttons to continue traveling through the mist.

Purple-Lensed Spectacles

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