Liberating Eridell, Saving Celidor

Eridell is desolate, evacuated. Nezumi have taken over Kaz’s keep. The party defeats the water dragon and Kyle makes a map of one of the nezumi’s skin. It shows treasure inside Kaz’s keep. While Kaz tries to round up survivors, Kyle slips a pamphlet into the treasure room and sees a fat nezumi lord with a huge pile of the accumulated treasure of the surrounding populace: silverware, cheap jewelry, works of art. He also sees two prisoners in cells at the back of the room, a fetchling and a tengu. The party invades the room, but Kyle is killed in battle. They convince the nezumi lord that his land has been saved, the blight is gone, and that he should return to his people to get them out of Celidor.

Soku, the fetchling, tells the party that Ayaki is back without the Autarch and is spouting gibberish. Varin and Marle have taken him into custody and people are grumbling. They haven’t even sent for Hellstrike or the Council, saying that Marle is the best healer around.

They rush to Varin, who won’t let them see Ayaki. He will, however, allow the six-legged cat to be sent to his room to soothe him. It seems that cats are among the gibberish, and the only topic that seems to bring the fevered Ayaki relief. The rest is all corners and tentacles and the wrongness of everything.

Outside, they run into the naked Tryst, who has just been mugged after attending an underground fighting match. Soku and Xena recognize him as a fellow member of the Burning Branch. Xena finds out where the fighting ring muggers are headquartered, a warehouse by the docks.

Guidsmar prepares for a party that evening to celebrate the (once again) saving of Celidor.


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