Kaz and Mr. buttons quickly tire of speaking to the Garuda upon realizing they didn’t have the knowledge to discover why the nezumi would attack the intersection of ley lines that the bird man had been guarding uneventfully for eons. Their ears perk up at the mention of Ksarral, a samurai who had previously guarded this location and failed, though honorably. He was buried with his mighty katana not far away.

At the barrow, they hear a low, loud rumbling from a smilodon. Mr. Buttons senses that it is only on the hunt due to an injury, and chases it off while Kaz pushes down the door to the barrow. This releases cerberi guardians that are narrowly dispatched. Kaz and Mr. Buttons retrieve the katana and then follow a bloody trail to the smilodon nursing its wounds in the undergrowth. Mr. Buttons administers healing potions and comfort until the beast is willing to accompany them back to the garuda’s.


jwhitmont jwhitmont

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