By the Skin of their Teeth

Mr. Buttons takes on Lucien, but is dispatched in a fiery display while trying to make a run for it with the book. Lucien’s undead ravens retrieve Mr. Buttons’ body and the book from the sea while the undead remaining on the boat scramble into unlifeboats. The rest of the party, seeing his incendiary demise, race away.

They return to Mossport, where they meet an elf archer named Ruinier. He joins them as they search for a warship to commandeer. They find one moored nearby, and approach its stern in their folding boat. The undead guarding the frigate put up a vicious battle but are eventually defeated.

Fearing an oncoming attack by the vanara if they fail their mission, the party heads back out to sea. The magical map now shows the book as being kept on a small island labeled as The Carbuncle on their map. Canons from the frigate, now named Mielikki’s Pride, blast the island’s beaches, strewing undead parts and splintering the trees.

The adventurers take the folding boat to the shore, where they are set upon by undead archers and Lucien himself. Lucien slaughters everyone except Guidsmar and Ruinier. Hundreds of mechanical birds appear to take the dead and dying back to Mielikki’s Pride. Guidsmar, invisible, finds a node and transcribes its particular patterns. Ruinier hears voices coming from the volcano on the island and retrieves the foul tome. He screams for Guidsmar and high tails it for the ship. Guidsmar follows on a summoned hawk.

As the party sails away, they recognize several of Lilith’s lilin, as well as Etzal, the satyr from hell.

Elendria’s dreams of a peaceful afterlife are shattered when Mielikki sends her back to finish the mission of destroying the book.


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