A Brutal Engagement

Varin is distressed. The autarch is missing or in hiding. Nezumi and vanara are attacking random sites across Celidor, many under guard by fell monsters. Kirinus, a tactician who could help him, was exiled to Gravelspur by Sarkus. And, as reported by a cat folk scout introduced to the party as Mr. Buttons, the purple mist—now churning with undead—is on the move, Joran and Ambrenna are dead, and the foul book is missing.

However, Varin is pleased to announce his engagement to Marle, a half-elf nurse who cared for his injuries in the week Elendria was gone.

Elendria’s attempts for a word with Varin rebuffed, she leads the party to Mossport in a rage. On the way, she jumps a party of nezumi, allowing one to escape. In Mossport, she falls into a drunken stupor.

Guidsmar provides entertainment and cake to the children of Mossport. A familiar mechanical bird warns him of great danger surrounding the attacks by nezumi and vanara, then directs Guidsmar to a meeting with the old man. The old man provides a dozen assorted pairs of Purple-Lensed Spectacles.

Meanwhile, Kyle becomes court musician with a $2400/month stipend. He creates a treasure map from the skin of a defeated nezumi spell caster that points to great treasure on the ocean to the west. He befriends the six-legged cat and arranges for transportation to the lyrene islands.

Mr. Buttons joins the group, performing a daring rescue of Elendria when her drunken rage leads her back toward hellstrike to confront Varin and Marle—and straight into a kidnapping by nezumi. The nezumi take her to a battle with a garuda, which the party assists in wiping the nezumi out.


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